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09 Registration Walkthrough

Video walkthrough for registration, English

There are better picture walkthroughs on Deviantart. Hope this helps.


My BitTorrent Sources

is a pretty well known tracker. But for all intents and purposes, it is pretty good and the files on there are pretty usable.

is a pretty good torrent search engine. It tells you where the torrent is from, and tracks some Demonoid torrents as well. I use this particularly because it has very fast load times.

Pizza Torrent
is a new torrent search engine. The category selection features are better than Isohunt. It is pretty fast too, and seems to pick up more torrent sites than Isohunt.

There are legal issues with using Torrent sites that I will not discuss. Use your digression accordingly.
Updated April 13 2008


Best Canadian Deal Sites and Communities

The following is a list of sites for Canadian deals, some of which I personally frequent (RedFlagDeals). Very useful for saving your money. I am typically around Toronto, so these links cater to me very well locally.

A) Deal Communities

1) RedFlagDeals Forums

  • community and forums
  • large members support base
  • more deals on the front page of site (reflective of what goes on inside the forums, so HEAD TO THE FORUMS!)

2) Smartcanucks

  • lots of deals, coupons, freebies on a blog
  • frequent updates

3) PriceNetwork

  • community and forums
  • large community
  • hot deals, coupons, freebies posted by members

4) Frugal Shopper Canada Forums

  • smaller community and forums
  • free stuff, deals

5) CitySales

  • deal site targeted for people in Ottawa

B) Flyers

1) Flyermall

  • Ontario only
  • up-to-date flyers for all sorts of shops, even some Chinese supermarkets!
  • excellent for grocery shopping
  • (missing No-Frills and possibly a few other stores because they were ordered not to post it)

2) SmartCanucks Flyer Post

  • blog post listing of flyers
  • Canada wide stores
  • more being added as per request of blog comments

C) Price Comparison Engines

1) Pricenetwork Price Comparison

  • Canadian price comparison for many items
  • runs under PriceNetwork

2) PriceCanada

  • Canadian price comparison engine
  • launched by Redflagdeals

3) Shopbot

  • another Canadian price comparison engine

4) BBF

  • Canadian computer and computer component price comparison engine

D) Other


  • coupons you can order to be mailed to you to save real money on various items

How to find that file you wanted online

What happens when you need a file of some sort and you want to find it online, but nothing right turns up on Google?

While Google is a typically good source for research, it is not very good for finding specific files. Using ebooks as an example in this article, search engines are filled with all sorts of junk, from ebook retailers to scam websites posing to have the ebooks threatening to fill your computer with malware.

As a university student, I occasionally find it helpful to have a PDF of my textbook handy. There are laptops as well as small mobile gadgets capable of reading PDF files. While I could scan every single page of the book I have, and then save the images to a computer, to convert every single page to a single PDF file, the task requires both a lot of time and software.

What to try…

I’d recommend trying these sources. They are listed in order of its ease of use.

In our example, you’d still need to search just as you would have done in Google, inputting into the search field a combination of: book name, author, edition.

Depending on what you look for, what you input in your search will vary:

1) One-Click Hosting Sites (Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc)

2) Bittorrent

3) eDonkey Network

  • Pros: large selection of files, no download limits
  • Cons: requires advanced setup (fetch servers, port forwarding), speeds vary depending on popularity of file,
  • Tools: eMule, eMule Enhanced Editions

Closing Comments

This is a general guide. Your method will vary depending on what you are looking for.

If you are unsure of how to use any of the above services, there are many guides online to teach you how to use them. In this case, Google’s your friend 😉

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